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February 11, 2011

Do you want to shoot film?

by Hannah

If you follow my blog and my work, you know that I seriously love shooting film. The process, the look and feel, the honesty and tangibility of it, just gets me every time.

Suzie Chaney, one of my fellow fPOE team members, is teaching Shooting the Breeze, a unique online workshop on shooting film. It starts on March 7th, and will be an excellent resource for anyone wishing to get started shooting film, or dust off that camera you haven’t used in years, or simply be part of a community of other film shooters. I encourage you to check it out!



June 16, 2010


by Hannah

violet, but not.

I wrote a little yesterday about toying with the idea of going to school again. Well today I had long conversation with an admissions counselor from the Art Institute Online, and it gave me a bit more to think about.

The thought of taking classes again gets me so excited- I love school and learning- I’m just a total nerd like that. But… having massive student loans to pay off while simultaneously trying to grow a successful business? Eh, not so exciting. Still, if that education would benefit by business a lot it would be worth it, right? So I was thinking I may at least apply and file for financial aid, and see how much help I could get with the money part… but then I was like, hmm- no one in the photography industry really cares about degrees, they care about your work. Even the counselor I spoke to at this school kept saying that I would be ahead of most other students in many ways because I already have a bachelor’s degree and I already run my own business.

This got me thinking, why exactly am I looking into this? -well, I guess because I want to feel more confident in my skill as a photographer, in my savvy as a business owner, and because there is always more to learn. But I can attain these things with out going through another degree program and spending all that money. There are amazing conferences and workshops for professional photographers, and classes through the Small Business Association and other organizations, not to mention more books than one person could ever read. So I think that dedicating myself to taking advantage of those opportunities and sort of creating my own continuing education plan would be a smarter move for me. I am so excited to delve into it! I randomly picked up this book called Skin at the library recently- “The complete guide to digitally lighting, photographing, and retouching faces and bodies.” I’m going to start going though it tonight. I have been loving all the opportunities that are part of my new membership to the PPA, including the subscription to Professional Photographer Magazine. Great stuff. I’ve seen ads in it for a few great workshops, and the big annual PPA conference, ImagingUSA, is in January, I think it would be amazing attend.

June 14, 2010

education, continued?

by Hannah

I have been doing quite a lot of thinking lately. Thinking about goals and the future, and where my career is headed and where I want it to go. I love doing portrait work, but I never intended it to be the extent of my photography career. I have always wanted to see my work published. I have had an ongoing love affair with magazines and catalogs since I was a child. That is what I really want to do- editorial and commercial photography. In researching how to get started in that- because I really had no idea- I felt overwhelmed and under-qualified, and when it comes down to it, I need more training, both in photography and in business.
So I am flirting with the idea of going back to school. There are online degree programs that would work well for me, with my schedule. I am so excited about the idea of taking photography courses again, and I really believe that the time and money involved would be worth the career advancement it would bring. If I am going to do something, I want to make sure I really know what I am doing and am good at it. So I am just trying to decide if the timing is right at this point in my life. I will certainly update about it once I decide.

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