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January 11, 2011

Christmas Eve

by Hannah

Oh yes, I still have plenty of photos from last year to share… I am catching up here and there on editing and am also waiting to get some film processed- if I’m sending it off I like to do so in batches.

Manny had to work a lot around the holidays, so our celebrating was a bit spread out this year. Seth and I visited my family on Christmas Eve, and as you can see it was a truly gorgeous day. My mom, Seth and I spent some time at a park in the afternoon, and later everyone ate and exchanged gifts. By the way, my mom is the greatest. :)

{sidenote: I keep feeling conflicted- which photos to share here, and which to post on my photography blog? For now, I’m mostly posting family stuff here and client work there. Sometimes I feel like having just one place for everything, but I feel committed to this blog and would not want to do away with it, and I’m not sure if my clients want to see all the pictures of my son and read everything I post here. At the same time, I am my business, so maybe it’s better not to separate things so much? I would love your thoughts on this, especially other photographers.}

But I digress… here’s Christmas Eve in Stuart:

December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010…

by Hannah

I had so many things I wanted to write here this week. I was going to reflect on the year, and post my favorite photos. I was going to actually participate in #reverb10. I still plan to do some of these things, but it is not going to happen before midnight tonight. And I will not be mad at myself. I will not say I should have. I am letting it be, and choosing to looking forward instead. Looking forward to a better year, one of thriving and of letting things just be, and of focusing on what is most important.

So I wanted to stop in here, before the merrymaking ensues later on, and wish you all a very, very

Have a look over at my photography blog to see some of my favorite client work from 2010 (the last two posts).

p.s.- I forgot to even observe it, but can you believe that earlier this month marked three years since I started this blog?! Go ahead, check out the archives and have a laugh ;)

Here’s to another wonderful, adventurous year. Have a lovely, fun, and safe night all.



December 26, 2010

And all was quiet…

by Hannah

My first Christmas with a child, rather than a baby.
Joy, wonder, amazement, sensory overload, meltdowns, and now- peaceful sleep. He made the holiday magical for all of us again.

Yesterday my husband and his dad both worked. I am thankful for our firefighters and dispatchers, who work to keep us safe, 365 days a year. So today was “our” Christmas, and it was all wrapping paper and sweets and delicious food and the awesome craziness of family gatherings. I love every minute of it. Santa spoiled all of us this year, especially my son :)

I hope your holiday was wonderful, too. I was just looking over my calendar and to see only six days left in 2010 was a bit of a shock, though of course I knew that already. This year has gone by faster than any previous year of my life. It scares me- does that rate keep increasing as we get older? Time, please slow down. please.

I am filled with so much gratefulness tonight that I could practically burst.
For my son.
For my family.
For another year.
And yes, for my new printer, and film for my Polaroid, a lovely necklace, a French press for my coffee, Toms shoes, and some much-wanted books.

I am so very blessed.

December 25, 2010

Holiday wishes…

by Hannah

…from our family to yours.

I hope that your Christmas day is full of love and wonder!



{The photos above with me in them were taken by my friend April. Others by me.}

December 23, 2010

Recipe: Turtle Candy

by Hannah

Pecan turtles are one of my all-time favorite candies, and I decided I’d like to try my hand at making some to give as gifts this year. I’ve seen more complicated recipes, but this one is pretty simple (though it can get pretty messy- be warned!).

Prepare a couple of baking sheets by covering with aluminum foil and spraying with nonstick cooking spray.

I used packaged caramel candies- a 14 oz. bag- and unwrapped them all and put them in a microwavable bowl.

I added a little water to the bowl so the caramels would soften well, and then microwaved, 30 seconds at a time, stirring in between each, until it was smooth. I found that I had to pop it back in a few times while I was making the candies, because as the caramel cools it becomes pretty sticky and difficult to work with.

Meanwhile, I toasted up some pecan halves in the oven.

Then arrange the pecan pieces on the prepared baking sheets in clusters of four.

When the caramel is soft, drop onto each pecan cluster with a spoon. I had to use two spoons because the caramel is so sticky and didn’t want to come off easily.

Next, use a double boiler or the microwave to melt a small package of semi-sweet chocolate chips. If you don’t have a double boiler (like me), you can use a stainless steel bowl resting in a slightly smaller saucepan, with a couple inches of water in it, on medium-high heat. Stir constantly until the chocolate is smooth.

Then drop chocolate onto the caramel-pecan clusters.

Put the baking sheets in the freezer so the candies will set.

It’s always great to have a little “helper”. Though really at this age, I needed someone to help me with the little helper : )

When the turtles have hardened, take them out of the freezer. You can store them in the refrigerator for up to a week, but let them sit a bit before eating so the caramel can soften.

I packaged mine up in tins I found at the craft store, with wax paper to keep them from sticking together too much.


December 22, 2010


by Hannah

Decorating our tree. Manny’s parents came over to help.

Manny shot these:

And the next week, we went with them to get theirs and we all decorated it together.

{It was pretty cold (for Florida) for a while, with lows in the 30’s. Now it’s back to the 60’s/70’s, which is perfect for me.}

Here’s the whole group- shot using the timer and a makeshift tripod:

It is so, so great that we are all together, home, and healthy this year. I am so thankful. Last Christmas we visited Jackie in the hospital, as she was just finishing up her first round of chemo. What a huge difference a year makes!

And… a sneak peek at gifts I’ve been making. I made these felted hot mats for my grandma, who doesn’t read my blog, so it’s safe to post here :)
I’m kind of in love with felting things lately. The one on the left came out a little funny, since I had to kind of make them up as I went. I really like how they came out though, and might be making a set for our table.

And tonight, we went (very spontaneously) to the zoo where they’re doing “Holiday Nights” this week. It was so much fun, and Seth got to meet “Santa” for the first time. Thankfully, he didn’t ask for anything he’s not getting :-P They had LED Christmas lights everywhere. Our zoo is very conservation-minded. We have a membership and we just love going and walking around as a family.

Tomorrow, Seth and I are heading to visit my family until the afternoon of Christmas Eve. Manny works Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, so our Christmas celebrating will be kind of odd and spread out. I’m really looking forward to it though, and I’m busy finishing up my last few handmade gifts! It looks like I’ll be sending out packages the Monday after- but better a little late then never, right?

I’ll be back in the morning with a yummy recipe!

December 11, 2010

Decking the Halls {Part III- Giving}

by Hannah

I always stress a little bit over gifts for the holidays. I want each gift I give to be meaningful and thoughtful. If it’s not, I would rather not give anything at all. I rarely go to the mall for holiday gifts- if I can’t make something myself, then I look to Etsy or other unique shops. I look for handmade and/or earth-friendly gifts that will be useful to the recipient, and also within our budget. Kind of a tall order sometimes.

Without being too very specific about the exact things I’m making and giving this year {I wouldn’t want to spoil any surprises!}, I wanted to share some ideas I am loving right now.

To Make

I am always inspired to break out the hooks and yarn at this time of year. I love to crochet gifts for people, and I always wish I had more time to do it.

I also love making beaded jewelry for the special ladies on my list.

Photo gifts are a great option that are personal and meaningful. Creating small scrapbooks and albums by hand, framing special images, or using websites like Shutterfly to create books, calendars and other merchandise are all great ideas.

Baked goods are another great handmade gift. I love to bake, and this year I am planning on trying my hand at a few new things. I love the idea of using healthier options like whole wheat flour, non-refined sweeteners, and organic ingredients. I’ll be posting about my baking adventures, with photos and recipes, soon!

To Buy

Here are just a few of my favorite gift ideas from Etsy right now….

for the photographer

Vintage Camera coffee bowls by AceroStudio

Plum paisley camera strap from emfalconbridge
{I have one of these straps and just adore it!}

Leather memory card holder from PorteenGear


for the guys

World Peace t-shirt by rctees

Personalized silver guitar pick from andreaevansdesign

Recycled leather wallet from nicaeli


for the ladies

Felted merino slippers from ing00te

Unlock Your Dreams necklace from bellawish

Long wanderer skirt from GaiaConceptions


for the little ones

Natural wooden toy camera from littlesaplingtoys

Sign language “I Love You” teether from littlesaplingtoys

Fabric alphabet book from pilosale

Short sleeve toddler tee from makristababy


for the home

Colorful felted pebbles from reyaveltman

Whales eco-friendly throw pillow from zenthreads

{shameless plug here :)}
2011 photo calendar from my shop- hmphoto


for the pet lover

Hemp dog collars from TheModernPet

Custom dog tag from TheCopperPoppy
{these are so nice- we have one for Zeus}


I hope I’ve given you some good ideas for gifts this year!
Now I’m going to get busy making things!

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December 9, 2010

Reverb 10- Make

by Hannah

What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

The last thing I made…

well actually the last couple of things:


For the bird, I drew the shapes I needed on paper first, traced them onto the felt, and cut them out. I stuffed with fiber fill and stitched around it up with embroidery floss.

The glass ball idea was from here {thanks, Jami!}. I used an ornament we had already, and used a silver paint pen to draw the design.

I want to do a few more of each of these in the coming weeks- they’re easy and the birds especially would be cute additions to holiday gifts!

I have several Christmas gifts on my “to-make” list. I’m planning on doing some crocheting, and some baking. Finding time for those things is rare these days, but I have a break coming up and I intend to put it to good use.

December 2, 2010

Decking the Halls {Part II- Hanukkah}

by Hannah

Yesterday, for the first time ever, our little family celebrated Hanukkah.
We lit the menorah, and we talked about the history of this holiday.
We said the blessings (I stumbled over the Hebrew words, and then said them in English), and we listened to Maoz Tzur.
Seth opened a small gift, and Manny and I ate chocolate coins.

This is a tradition I wanted to include in our annual holiday celebrations, for a few reasons.
First, my ancestors were Jewish. For the last few generations, they did not practice the religion, but I grew up knowing that my grandfather was at least ethnically Jewish (and he did go to Hebrew school as a child), and that I had some Jewish blood. It always meant a lot to me, because I understood the Judeo-Christian connection.
I also believe that the Hebrew roots of Christianity should be recognized and celebrated. The two are so very intertwined, and knowing the early history of these religions adds a new dimension to all of it.
Finally, I want my children to grow up experiencing various traditions and knowing the meaning behind them.

For my family, Hanukkah will be about recognizing diverse traditions, celebrating the light in the world, and praying for peace. {And also, celebrating my love for latkes… :)}

November 30, 2010

Decking the Halls {Part I- Decorating}

by Hannah

I have been whipping up handmade holiday decorations in my spare moments over the last couple of days, and I wanted to share a few of them with you! We ventured into the attic yesterday and retrieved our boxes of ornaments, and our faux wreath for the door, which I decorated the first year we were married, as well as our stockings and some other things. I’m hoping to add lots of handmade things to our collection this year.

I found this great blog post about decorations made from simple white cardstock, on d.Sharp Journal, via Design Sponge. I love how my snowman garland and angels come out!

Also on Design Sponge, I found the instructions for these fun paper ornaments, which I hung from the chandelier above our dining table.

A few nights ago we went to CityPlace, where they have a giant Christmas tree and a train for the kiddos, which Seth thoroughly enjoyed.
p.s.- It was dark outside when I took these. I love my D700’s high ISO capabilities!

Yes, the holiday season has officially arrived, and I am loving it!

xoxo, h

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