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January 1, 2011


by Hannah

I haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions, per se. I have a word, which encompasses so many of my hopes and dreams for 2011. I touched on it in one of my #reverb10 posts in December, but I wanted to take a moment on this New Year’s moment to elaborate.


When this word popped into my head, I knew it was the one. There is a specific image that comes to my mind when I say this word. It is of a tiny, fresh, green plant, with just one of two leaves, pushing it’s way up through dirt and stones- sometimes even concrete sidewalks- and busting out into the light of the sun. Thriving. Becoming a mature plant or even a majestic tree.

I have done a lot of pressing through in the dark and dirt, and I am embracing the busting out and thriving this year. I feel so optimistic about the next 365 days- it is a blank page, a book that has not yet been written.

I envision thriving.

For my family. Our relationships, my marriage and our son. All our health, both mental and physical. 2010 held some of the biggest trials ever for our family, but it is behind us and I am confident that this is a better year for all of us.

For my business and my photographic vision. I am putting the knowledge I have gained into action, while continuing to learn every single day.

For my own personal health. I am making changes to my diet and becoming more intentional about exercise again. I am looking forward to feeling healthy and vibrant and maybe even (finally) ditching the chronic migraines. I am also practicing healthy ways to handle stress so it does not overwhelm me, exercise is a huge part of this, but also journaling regularly and taking time to work on my own projects and nurture myself.

I could probably go on, but this is the core of my vision for the new year- my hopes and goals intertwined.

Manny got me this necklace for Christmas, from Beadup on Etsy.

He also got me a charm with Seth’s name on it from Sundance. I was planning on making a separate necklace from it, with his birthstone, but in the meantime I’ve been wearing it on my thrive necklace, and I really like it there. It is my wish for him too, so it is fitting, and now I can wear both at the same time. Eventually I will probably find another chain and add his birthstone, and later one for his sibling.


Do you have a word, or any goals, hopes or dreams for 2011? I would love to hear them.

Wishing you a truly wonderful first day of this promising year.



December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010…

by Hannah

I had so many things I wanted to write here this week. I was going to reflect on the year, and post my favorite photos. I was going to actually participate in #reverb10. I still plan to do some of these things, but it is not going to happen before midnight tonight. And I will not be mad at myself. I will not say I should have. I am letting it be, and choosing to looking forward instead. Looking forward to a better year, one of thriving and of letting things just be, and of focusing on what is most important.

So I wanted to stop in here, before the merrymaking ensues later on, and wish you all a very, very

Have a look over at my photography blog to see some of my favorite client work from 2010 (the last two posts).

p.s.- I forgot to even observe it, but can you believe that earlier this month marked three years since I started this blog?! Go ahead, check out the archives and have a laugh ;)

Here’s to another wonderful, adventurous year. Have a lovely, fun, and safe night all.



January 1, 2010

2009: A year in pictures

by Hannah

Link to slideshow.

What a truly amazing year.

Here’s to another one!


December 31, 2009

A post for New Year’s Eve

by Hannah

10 years ago tonight… I was laying on the hood of my dad’s ancient F150 watching fireworks and counting stars. I was 12 years old, and wondered if there was anything to the whole Y2K commotion.
Tonight I am hoping the fireworks don’t wake my sleeping baby, and that my husband doesn’t have to hard a night at work, and I’m thinking about what goals I want to set for myself for 2010…

Yes my life has changed dramatically in the last decade. I never could have guessed that it would turn out the way it has, but I am very happy that it did.

Making New Year’s resolutions almost sounds cheesy, and I know they have a reputation for being broken. I tend to just set goals for myself instead, using the start of a new year as an excuse to whip myself into shape a little.

Here are some things I would like to do in 2010:

– Be more present- less stressed and distracted- on a daily basis with Seth. I want to engage with him more than I have been and savor every moment of his impending toddlerhood and his last months as a real ‘baby’.

– Build my business so that it can become a more consistent and reliable source of income for us.

– Improve my photography skills. Take a photo a day in 2010.

– Learn to combat stress and keep a calmer mindset.

– Be more consistent with my yoga practice.

– Crochet an afgan.

– Get hardwood floors downstairs.

– Save toward taking a real family vacation in 2011.

– Save money in general- learn to be more frugal and get better at meal planning and budget grocery shopping.

– Get Seth’s scrapbook up to date before it gets way out of hand.

I may add more as I think of them…

Oh and here is the moon tonight:
pixel 365 NYE
It’s a blue moon. I wonder if that means something unusual and extraordinary will happen. Like maybe Seth will sleep solidly until morning, without waking once. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

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January 5, 2008

A few pictures

by Hannah

Our first Christmas tree

Manny on New Year’s Eve

Sasha learned a new trick!

Ocean Inlet Park on 12/31/07

We celebrated the New Year at Manny’s family’s house, with fireworks and an outdoor fireplace.
January 2, 2008


by Hannah

…is here. Last year was one of the most amazing yet (graduation, marriage, adulthood), but I am sure that this one will bring many good things. I am so optimistic about the future. This year is about dreams and family- peace and relationships. I don’t believe in making “New Years resolutions”, but I have been hoping anyway to focus more on the people in my life and remember to appreciate what I have, and cultivate it, rather than always trying to bring new things into my life.
Here’s to another year!


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