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February 7, 2009

38 weeks

by Hannah

My mom took these pictures of Manny and I over the weekend… chances are this is about as big as I’m going to get. Of course if I go very far past my due date I may be a bit bigger when the baby is born. I plan to have someone take a belly picture of me when I go into labor.

This week has been a little rough- I have had some pretty intense back and hip pain and it is hard to sleep (or walk!) sometimes. Normal end-of-pregnancy discomforts have me kind of looking forward to not being pregnant anymore. Not to mention, I am getting so excited to meeting this baby I have been carrying for what seems like a really long time now. But there seems to be no sign that I will go into labor anytime soon. He will come when he’s ready… and in the meantime I am keeping busy and trying to stay as active and comfortable as I can.

As for the baby, he is still so active and seems to be very healthy :) My body and his are both getting ready for the big day I guess… wondering when it will be. I am now only 10 days away from my due date!

January 30, 2009

Full Term!

by Hannah

This is an exciting week for the Mayo family! My last day at work was Tuesday, and also as of Tuesday I am officially in my “safe dates”, meaning I could have the baby any time and he would be considered full term! While there are some things I still want to do, and buy, we are ready and have everything we need. I picked up an extra package of Seventh Generation chlorine-free diapers yesterday- we’ll be using those in the beginning along with the cloth diapers I have so far, while we decide which type of cloth we like best and build our collection. By the way, here’s a picture of the ones we’ve gotten- it might seem crazy but I think cloth diapers are pretty cute :)

I am filling my days with books, crafts, baking, walking, relaxing and random pampering things like the amazing prenatal massage I got yesterday and the henna I applied today (in pic). I am trying to get my mind in a good place for birth- relaxed, focused, fearless. I often feel like I have little to say, but lots of thoughts; I’m very mellow and introspective. I’ve been journaling a lot, and writing/talking to the baby a lot too. I feel every movement now- I have no idea how he’ll have any more room in there to grow! I wonder every day if it’s the one in which he’ll be born, but I am trying not to get impatient, and to really enjoy these last days or weeks before he comes.
Here’s my hennaed belly- 37weeks,3days:

January 18, 2009

35 weeks, and counting…

by Hannah

I am going to be 36 weeks on Tuesday, and I literally feel it getting closer every day. I’m always wondering when it will happen- when will I meet my son? I think he’s “dropped” as people call it- or engaged in my pelvis. I don’t think it is obvious by looking at the shape of my belly, but I feel a lot of pressure from his head- more pain and backaches. He is getting stronger all the time, and is still very active. Sleep is harder to come by- I guess I am being prepared for new motherhood in that respect. I went to a breastfeeding class this week, which was good and really informative. In a few weeks I’m going to “Naturopathic Care of Your Newborn” by the same teacher, who is a really great naturopathic doctor and also assists my midwife frequently, so there’s a chance she could attend my birth with Connie. We are getting ready- there is a list of supplies we need to have for a home birth, and Manny and I will go shopping for those in the next few days. Connie is coming to the house for my visit this week, so she can check everything out and make sure we’re ready, etc. From then on I’ll have an appointment each week until the baby is born. All of this makes me realize how truly close I am to becoming a mom- it’s amazing.
Here’s a picture- 35 weeks 5 days:

January 13, 2009

34 weeks belly picture

by Hannah

Yesterday Manny and I went to the Morikami for their “Oshogatsu” Japanese New Year festival. There was good food and taiko drummers performing, and it’s such a beautiful place. Here I am hanging out by the koi fish and turtles:

On the Japanese calender, Seth will be born in the year of the cow, on the Chinese- the year of the ox. If he’s born before the 18th of February he’ll be an aquarius and after that a pisces, so he’s right on the edge. I am not sure how much when you are born determines your personality, but it is interesting to read about.

January 9, 2009

Massage Oil and Cloth Diapers

by Hannah

So a few things today…

I read once about the amazing properties of coconut oil in healing and maintaining the skin, and since I had some in the cupboard for cooking I decided the other day to make my own massage/belly oil. Apparently it works wonderfully to prevent stretch marks, in addition to being a moisturizer and protector. I mixed it in a small jar with some lavender essential oil, and it is wonderful! You can use it for massage and in place of lotion on dry skin, and it smells really nice. (I also use Mother’s Special Blend from Mountain Ocean every day on my belly after showering- it is completely safe and natural and can be found in many natural food stores. No stretch marks yet- finger crossed!)
In other news, I ordered our cloth diaper trial package from Jillian’s Drawers today. We decided to do this so we can try out many different types of cloth diaper before making an investment in them. The pack allows you to try prefolds and a snappi (easy alternative to pins), fitted diapers, pocket diapers and inserts, and all-in-ones from several of the top brands for 21 days (starting from baby’s birth day, not when you order, which is why I went ahead an ordered it). I will review the diapers later, when I have a baby to try them on :-P
I also ordered a diaper pail liner, a wet bag, and a type of laundry detergent that I have found to be most highly recommended for cloth diapers. From what I have read you simply toss all the dirty diapers into pail (13 gallon trash can works fine) with the waterproof pail liner in it, and wash every couple days. No swishing or soaking involved. For breastfed babies the poo doesn’t need to be rinsed off first, and later when we start solid foods we can use either flushable liners or a sprayer that attaches to the toilet to make cleanup easier. So there you have it- I am actually really excited about using cloth diapers, as strange as that may sound. It is much less expensive, better for the baby, and not nearly as hard as people tend to think. Plus seriously, who could say no anything this stinkin cute?:

Sooo much better than disposable IMO…

January 9, 2009

Spirituality and Pregnancy

by Hannah

Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood are profoundly spiritual. It seems to me such a shame that society makes them primarily medical, material, mundane things. I am guilty of this thinking at times too- especially the material. I have great capacity, I have found, to obsess over things– after all, I do want to give my child the best, and lots of new things are needed when having a baby. But in the grand scheme all the stuff is not as important as acknowledging the spiritual nature of this time, and obsessing over it all can hinder a woman from the potential for growth. I have a few weeks left, and we are mostly prepared in the material sense. While so far I have not neglected the spiritual aspects of carrying this baby, I hope that for the rest of this time and into motherhood I will focus more on the deep connection to my baby and the potential I have to change and grow dramatically as a woman. This is a rite of passage, and can and should be a wonderfully transformative experience.

January 8, 2009

Six more weeks!

by Hannah

I haven’t gotten photos from either of my baby showers yet, but I will post some eventually. I haven’t taken a belly picture recently because I figured those from the showers would serve that purpose. I do believe I am still growing though- sometimes I feel pretty weighed down in front, haha. I’ll try to take one for this week soon.
It’s hard to believe that I’m 34 weeks, and that in three I will be considered full term. That is just amazing to me. I also have three more weeks left at the library- sad, but it will be good to be able to rest whenever I need to. I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping most nights, and of course it affects how I feel during the day.
Now that we have been ‘showered’ with all kinds of gifts from our amazingly generous friends and families, I feel like we’re really almost ready for the baby to come. The crib is set up in our room, his clothes are folded and put away, there are pacifiers and tiny nail clippers and many amazingly soft blankets… I have cleaning to do, and still a lot of reading about birth and babies, and a little more shopping, but I feel like we’re in the home stretch.
I’m surprised that I still feel so good. I remember looking ahead at the calender to January a while back and thinking I would be waddling around feeling really uncomfortable and huge by now. While I am sometimes pretty uncomfortable, it is really bearable. I still feel fairly normal and able to do things (as long as my belly doesn’t get in the way!) I am thankful that Seth and I are both healthy- and so thankful that I had good information early on about nutrition and health during pregnancy (and that I listened to it). I know it has made a really big difference. My midwife says from her experience women who have a healthy pregnancy diet and exercise regularly even have easier, faster labors, as well as healthier babies. I am hoping this will apply to me (well who wouldn’t) and I’m still doing what I can to ensure that it does. While it is more difficult to exercise now, I am trying to stay active all the way through the next several weeks and I feel a lot better when I at least do some yoga or go for a short walk. I am also trying to only put really nourishing whole foods into my body, at least as often as I can. Apparently his brain is developing more now than ever, so I want to give it good fuel. And a fresh, unprocessed diet with as much organic food as possible is best for everyone- you feel so much more alive. I plan to continue this pattern while breastfeeding- it is amazing how much your energy can be depleted by the typical American diet, and the last thing a new mom needs is depleted energy! I won’t get on my soapbox about food right now though- I’ll just sit here drinking my pregnancy tea and munching sprouted grain bread; yum! :-P

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December 29, 2008

Nearly 33 weeks now…

by Hannah

What a great and busy week it’s been! Christmas Eve and Christmas were very nice and spent with family. Saturday my mom, grandma, and aunt threw me a baby shower/ mother blessing. It was such a cool day- I felt completely pampered. Some of my close friends were there, as well as the ladies from my family. I got henna on my belly and hand, and everyone brought a special bead to make a bracelet for me to wear during labor. They also all painted onesies for the baby, which came out really cute. I even had a wreath of flowers in my hair, which Taina made. We got some things we needed for the baby- I am so thankful for the showers and the lovely ladies hosting them (there will be another this coming weekend, for the West Palm and Miami crowds!); I don’t know how we would have gotten everything on our own. Despite my efforts toward minimalism, there seems to be so many things needed for a new baby. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful family and friends.
Now our house is filling with baby things, and I’m realizing how soon he will be here- it is crazy to think about!
Baby Seth moves a lot still- now it’s more pushing rather than the kicks I used to feel. Sometimes it’s pretty uncomfortable, but I can’t really complain too much- it’s all such a miracle and still amazes me.
I plan to post some pictures from the shower when I get some- I didn’t take any with my own camera, of course. Here’s one of my belly from today though:

Mehndi is the art of painting on the body with henna- in many cultures all over the world, especially in India, it is believed to bestow blessings and good luck. Taina did such a great job with mine; I love it.
December 23, 2008

31 week belly picture

by Hannah

I almost didn’t take one this week :-o
This is at 31 weeks 6 days, but it still counts :)

December 17, 2008

Finally some ultrasound pics… and "I am a bird- watch me nest"

by Hannah

Ultrasound at 31 weeks:

I love this one- it looks like he’s waving and smiling at us.

Another of his face, sideways.

When we went to get the ultrasound done yesterday, they told us it was too late in the pregnancy to get any good pictures from a 3D, and that it would be a waste of money. I was a little bummed at first, but with the 2D (regular) ultrasound we were able to get these shots of his face, and that is totally good enough for me. I’m excited to finally have pictures of my little guy! He is head down, low in my pelvis, and apparently measuring two weeks larger than my due date. The doctor said that either means my due date is off (quite possible considering I didn’t get a 1st trimester sonogram), or he is just a really big baby. I’m hoping for the first… :)

We have now officially rearranged our closet and made room for Seth’s clothes and whatnot- we’re ready for whatever goodies the coming baby showers may bring. I get bursts of the nesting instinct where I just want to clean and organize everything. I always have to-do lists on my days off. And when I am not doing that I’m probably reading something baby-related. I also plan on starting a bunch of holiday baking soon, and I’ve been knitting a blanket for Seth. I feel so domestic! Manny and I got a bunch of Christmas shopping done yesterday- figured we’d better get on it considering that it’s a week from tomorrow…

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