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February 3, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

by Hannah

(Idea from the Foster Family blog.)

I think that it would be just amazing to have one of these:


It’s a Blackbird Fly 35mm twin lens reflex camera from Four Corner Store. These are such fun cameras- here is a Flickr pool of photos taken with them.

A vintage TLR like this would also be very cool, but the awesome thing about the Blackbirds (besides that they come in great colors!) is that they take 35mm film- the kind readily available at the store (at least I think regular stores still carry film…). Just about any other medium format TLR takes 120mm, which you’d pretty much have to order online. Ahh maybe someday I’ll be lucky enough to have both in my collection.

I have also been admiring clothes from Gaia Conceptions on Etsy. Gorgeous, comfortable-looking eco friendly handmade clothing. Love, love, love. I couldn’t choose just one thing to post- I would love a skirt and a pair of pants from here and a couple of shirts.

(photo courtesy of Gaia Conceptions- not my work!)

Hoorah for wish list Wednesdays :)

January 31, 2010

oh, the wonders {thrift store therapy}

by Hannah

Seth and I desperately needed to get out of the house a while ago, and I’d been thinking I’d like to browse Goodwill, so off we went. Oh my goodness, I have never gotten so many wonderful things in one trip to a thrift store! I was definitely meant to go in there today. This is my own, much less expensive version of retail therapy : )

I found a couple skirts for myself, for $3 each. The first one has the tags on still (!) and is from Kavu in Seattle, made of hemp and cotton. I was so surprised, because it’s something I would totally get myself at full price- I’ve browsed the Kavu site in the past and love it.




The other skirt I am wearing. I put it on as soon as we got home.



I got three of these little plates for 39 cents each. I love blue and white and had been wanting a few more smaller plates.


I also got a copy of my favorite book, The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, because I don’t have a copy but I will definitely re-read it and want to be able to lend it out too. The other book is for a certain craft project I have in mind- details coming soon. I just loved the little test tube- I think it makes an adorable flower vase. {flower courtesy of my backyard that needs mowing} The sweater underneath is 100% wool to be felted and used for projects.


last but far from least…


Yes, my dears, this is the real reason I feel I was destined to enter that shop today. Was I not just saying the other day that I would like a Polaroid camera? This was just sitting there for $2.99. A friend who read that previous post also says she might have one from her grandmother, and from what she described it would produce a very different look from this one. So my Polaroid wishes have been answered- possibly even twice over! I am so excited to use this- I just ordered some film from Polapremium. I will of course post when I get it!

January 20, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

by Hannah

Today is Wish List Wednesday at the Foster Family blog, and I decided to play along!

I few things I have been eying lately…

A Shootsac. Drool.

A Funky Camera neckstrap.

A 35mm lens… and an 85mm… and a tripod… and a backdrop stand…
okay nevermind I will just put the logo for the camera store how about that? :-P

Another pair of my favorite ever jeans- Gap Sexy Boot.

These boots from Simple Shoes:

Happy Wednesday everyone!

October 26, 2009

My New favorite Shoes

by Hannah
I just submitted a review of these sandals at, and I wanted to mention here how much I love them. This a great company that makes eco-friendly shoes that are comfortable and very stylish. Definitely not frumpy hippy shoes at all! Their sale prices are spectacular too. I got some soft soled early-walker shoes for Seth, and I am planning to get a pair of their TOEst boots for thewinter months for myself. Worth checking out, for sure.

Here’s my review:

Originally submitted at Simple

I have BLC certified leather uppers. I have full grain leather linings and topsoles. I have an Ortholite footbed. I have cork and recycled EVA midsoles. My outsoles are made of natural rubber and recycled car tires. My outsole logo detail is made of recycled metal alloys. I have 100% post consumer …

These are great sandals!

By Sasmama from West Palm Beach, FL on 10/26/2009
5out of 5

Sizing: Feels true to size
Width: Feels true to width
Pros: Cute, Stylish, Comfortable
Describe Yourself: Casual, Stylish

I am a mom to an 8 month old, and these have become my go-to shoes for everything from playdates to walks in the park to the grocery store. They are cute and very comfortable and look great with everything.
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