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February 3, 2011

the Joy of {LOVE} | day 2: what he looks like

by Hannah

What he looks like… when he’s playing with our son. I love this.


February 1, 2011

the Joy of {LOVE} | day 1: what he does

by Hannah

I am taking part in this month-long photography project/class offered by Willette Designs— The Joy of Love. It is all about documenting one person you love deeply, in many different ways. I am participating because I feel that I want to capture the essence of who my husband really is, right now- as a gift to him, myself and our family.

So today’s assignment was to capture what he does. And if you know Manny, you know this captures it well. At work, he’s at a computer, dispatching 911 calls, and at home, he’s often at a computer playing games.

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