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February 7, 2011

Savor the journey.

by Hannah

Present-ness in the moment is essential. Lack of momentum is crippling.

There is a delicate balance, a push and pull: strive and push yourself, and yet remember to slow down at times.

Have dreams and chase them. Have goals and work hard for them.

But don’t get so wholly caught up in these things that you miss the present.

Savor the journey.

Pause to smell the flowers.

Look around you and really experience life at this point in your journey, rather than running so single-mindedly toward the goal that you pass over everything in between.

Each day, each moment, is a gift.


{p.s.- The above image is brand new and now available as a fine art print in my Etsy shop :)}

February 4, 2011

Loving You.

by Hannah

I’m over on The Creative Mama today, with some thoughts on self-love…..

January 31, 2011


by Hannah

This place.
peace. nature. light.
On this foggy, crisp morning,
I felt so aware, so connected to everything around me…


My submission was chosen to be featured on Words to Shoot By this weekend, and I am beyond thrilled. I have admired the work on their site for some time now. Please go see the other submissions they chose- there are some really incredible images there.



I have nothing particularly exciting to share at the moment.

As usual I have more things to do than time to do them, and I am full of new ideas that tease me with my limited time. I am trying to methodically and calmly move through my lists and tasks without getting overwhelmed. I wish for more sleep and coffee makes up for the lack of it (somewhat).

I am thankful for our little family outing at the zoo this afternoon, for taking a few moments to just watch the golden sunlight peeking through a patch of bamboo, for the sound of Seth and Manny playing upstairs, for warm tea and late-night reading of good books…

And I’m thankful for the relationships in my life- threads weaving through everything else, creating meaning and strength, resilience and the very essence of the fabric of my world. I am so thankful.

January 26, 2011


by Hannah

I have been contemplating vision- how it is formed and how it changes over time. The above quote was pinned on Pinterest by my friend Angie, and when I read it, something resonated in me.

Our vision does not come from the outward things that inspire us- it is ours alone. Completely unique. I think there is a strong tendency in photography to try to mirror other peoples’ visions. But my journey is leading me in such a different direction, and I feel there is so much truth in these words. The more I look within myself and the less I look at what others are doing, the more “awakened” I feel. My vision and my path are stronger and better defined. I have a solid idea of where my business is headed and what my unique voice is as an artist.

This is not only about business and art. Your life vision is yours alone. What defines you, truly, is not external. When you begin to know your true self and examine the real, internal you… you come alive. Your heart will affect the external aspects of your life if you allow it, and you will become more yourself than you have ever been.

This is the journey I am on. It involves risk and difficult self-acceptance and learning what is truly important and not caring what other people think. It is about freedom and love and raw authenticity that changes everything. I want to live awake, not only dreaming.

January 21, 2011

Friday Me

by Hannah

In this moment- sitting in the grass, in the sunshine, waiting for some Instax shots to develop, listening to my guys laughing while blowing bubbles together, in our front yard, without an agenda- just being– present, there… I was completely content and just blissed out.

Joining with all kinds of awesome on 52 Weeks of Bam {because obviously one 52 Weeks project isn’t enough… :)}

January 14, 2011

his world.

by Hannah

he reaches up to give me the little flower he just picked- only the bud, plucked from a weed that made its way through a crack in our patio cement. i really should get out there and pull all the weeds around the edges- it looks messy.

“here, mama.” he says as he hands me the flower, smiling. he does this over and over, so proud and purposeful. if i am slow to reach for it he says sternly, “mama!”. i tell him thank you, and that i love him, and that they are so beautiful. i give him a hug, and smell his hair, still baby-soft and curly at the ends. he lays a little kiss on my cheek, and then pushes me away to trot off, seeking his next adventure.

our days are roller caster rides of the sweetest moments, the fits of giggles, and the passionate tantrums and tireless testing of boundaries.
i try to steal a few minutes, an hour, a moment- here and there throughout the day to keep up with my to-do list. it is a delicate balance- motherhood, work. he is more important, every time. yet in a certain moment sometimes work is more immediate and pressing. it is hard not to feel guilty for that.
he sees birds in the park and makes his signature bird sound {it sounds just like a seagull- we were at the beach the first time he did it.}
he chases them and they scatter into the air. he laughs, and does it again. his joy is pure and real, and contagious.
i watch him, sleeping, and he looks the same as i remember him looking when he was tiny. he’s on his back, arms and legs spread out. i think about how if i try to sleep on my back, i startle. he is so full of peace and innocence that i practically tear up. once again i see that it is all going so fast, just like people so love to tell me it will.
but in this moment his world and mine are still intertwined to the core. and i let his contentment wash over me and every worry die away for a while.
in his world there is only this moment.
a gift, and a lesson.

January 14, 2011

Well, Hello. {This is me.}

by Hannah

If you follow my photography blog, you saw these two photos there this morning:

I am participating in a 52 week photography project with a group of 16 other amazing photographers, and our week one theme was self. I encourage you to click over to my other blog and follow the links to each of their self portraits from this week.

I am challenging myself to also take more self portraits this year. Doing so feels awkward at first. Raw. I feel that every artist must do this. I connect with the people I photograph in a totally unique way, and I think connecting with myself in the same way will be important. It may teach me more about myself. It might even be healing.

So here are a few others I took this week–

{So this is me.}
shy. quiet. unsure.
and yet, I am learning
that is who I made myself,
but not who I really am.
I am, truly
fierce, stubborn, a warrior-woman, mama lioness.
unyielding, determined, refusing to give up no matter what comes my way.
tell me I can’t
and you’d better believe that I am going to.
yes I am introspective.
but if I’m not talking, it’s probably because I am listening.
in my bones and blood
is creativity and salt water.
in my heart
is freedom and adventure
and love.

January 8, 2011

worlds blur

by Hannah

My friend Angie had this lovely idea to challenge her readers to share an image of our own with these words, found in a recent Anthropologie magazine. I find them beautiful and inspiring. She is collecting them all here on Pinterest.

Have a fantastical and true weekend, friends.

January 1, 2011


by Hannah

I haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions, per se. I have a word, which encompasses so many of my hopes and dreams for 2011. I touched on it in one of my #reverb10 posts in December, but I wanted to take a moment on this New Year’s moment to elaborate.


When this word popped into my head, I knew it was the one. There is a specific image that comes to my mind when I say this word. It is of a tiny, fresh, green plant, with just one of two leaves, pushing it’s way up through dirt and stones- sometimes even concrete sidewalks- and busting out into the light of the sun. Thriving. Becoming a mature plant or even a majestic tree.

I have done a lot of pressing through in the dark and dirt, and I am embracing the busting out and thriving this year. I feel so optimistic about the next 365 days- it is a blank page, a book that has not yet been written.

I envision thriving.

For my family. Our relationships, my marriage and our son. All our health, both mental and physical. 2010 held some of the biggest trials ever for our family, but it is behind us and I am confident that this is a better year for all of us.

For my business and my photographic vision. I am putting the knowledge I have gained into action, while continuing to learn every single day.

For my own personal health. I am making changes to my diet and becoming more intentional about exercise again. I am looking forward to feeling healthy and vibrant and maybe even (finally) ditching the chronic migraines. I am also practicing healthy ways to handle stress so it does not overwhelm me, exercise is a huge part of this, but also journaling regularly and taking time to work on my own projects and nurture myself.

I could probably go on, but this is the core of my vision for the new year- my hopes and goals intertwined.

Manny got me this necklace for Christmas, from Beadup on Etsy.

He also got me a charm with Seth’s name on it from Sundance. I was planning on making a separate necklace from it, with his birthstone, but in the meantime I’ve been wearing it on my thrive necklace, and I really like it there. It is my wish for him too, so it is fitting, and now I can wear both at the same time. Eventually I will probably find another chain and add his birthstone, and later one for his sibling.


Do you have a word, or any goals, hopes or dreams for 2011? I would love to hear them.

Wishing you a truly wonderful first day of this promising year.



December 20, 2010

11 Things

by Hannah

I know. I am all out of order and behind with reverb10. I thought life was about to slow down a little, but it has been just as crazy as ever, only for different reasons. So I’m just going to try to answer some of my favorite prompts here and there, and I’m also hoping to find some time and inspiration soon to just write and photograph for myself- for the sake of creating. I long for that and I feel I really need it so that stress will not swallow me whole.

So on t the prompt…

What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

1. Guilt
seriously, who needs it, right?

2. Self-criticism
definitely something I don’t need, and usually have too much of

3. Worry over things I cannot control

4. Clutter
in my home, my computer, my mind… I want to be rid of thing I don’t need, that are just taking up space and looking messy

5. Tons of sugar
oh yes, it tastes good. but it makes me feel like total crap. I know this, and yet I still allow the stuff to be a regular part of my life. I really want to kick it out and feel good again.

6. Being “too busy” for things that are important to me
things like quality family time, cooking healthy meals, being creative, connecting with friends, and reading/learning. it’s all about prioritizing and actively managing my time.

7. Headaches
I’m so tired of being plagued by this constantly. definitely don’t need them.

8. Bad haircuts
I heard somewhere that if your hairstyle is bad, don’t even bother putting effort into the rest of your outfit.

9. Going too long without a date night
definitely something my marriage doesn’t need.

10. Going to long without visiting my family
I miss my mom. :)

11. Stressing over the small stuff.
I need more “chill-ness” in my life :)

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